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We make local content available to the world. With the iWebz365 service we deliver multilanguage content and offers directly to the appropriate audience. The localized TLD is used to increase rankings for any sort of content that is targeted to viewers in specific areas of the globe.

iWebz365 provides localized SEO through indirect. Our platform includes news, guides websites, business directories and business guides as also gambling and sports. We also offer discounts on various items and services.

iWebz365.eu is dedicated to audiences in the Europe. The Europe has a population of 65,76 Million people, and based on a study from July 2016, 61.06 Million people from the Europe have access to Internet. With a GDP of $44,300 per capita (2017), a business presence in the Europe is nothing but beneficial. This website uses “.eu” as the domestic web domain of the United Kingdom.

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