Guest Posts & Articles provides you with the opportunity to make a guest article or article. This is a great way to increase your visibility locally by using our UK-focused domain. The service is provided free for use, but a few requirements must be fulfilled.


  • article content must be 500 words or more and must be written in an informative way
  • article authenticity must pass Copyscape (copied articles, spin articles are NOT accepted)
  • article content must NOT relate to gambling, adult, pharmaceutical, hate or anything deemed illegal in UK or unethical
  • any external links within the article will be marked as <<sponsored>> – maximum 1 outbound link towards the writer website
  • article content must be written in local language of the domain – English
  • we reserve the right to make changes to the article posted by including images or relevant links to other articles

We do reserve the right to choose articles which are posted on and remove any posts that do not be of a high standard or meet any of the above requirements.

Other SEO Recommendations

We understand that many are seeking to publish articles to gain backlinks to their primary website. We allow backlinks to be included, but it’s marked as sponsored. The link will still be of SEO merit since it’s a link from a new domain. This can help create links that are diverse for the owner.

The other options for SEO could include:

HowToSEO.Guide site for great SEO opportunities, including backlink tools that can help you locate guest blog opportunities as well as increase link diversity. tools for content that let users to quickly write authentic content, as well as tools for research to boost your search engine results by using new keywords.

Guest Posting Tips

If you’re not certain how to make a successful guest blog it is important to identify the area you’re in and how to position yourself. While it may seem daunting initially, this process is actually fairly easy. There are a variety of resources you can utilize to locate the most relevant audience and focus your message. The most important tip for success is to keep authenticity. It is necessary to change your strategy if you aren’t able to effectively communicate your message.

The first thing to do is not make your guest blog posts all about yourself. While you might mention your business in your bio of the author, your main post should not be all about your company. You can use tools such as Oktopus as well as Digg to locate top blogs that accept guest posts. Once you’ve located the most suitable blog that fits your needs then you can begin writing your guest blog post. When you begin receiving guest posts you should proofread your articles.

Once you’ve selected the right blog for your guest post, you’ll need to determine what the audience of that website is like. You should choose topics that will appeal to the audience you intend to reach for your guest blog post. You can find the most popular blog posts by using social media sites such as Oktopus and Digg. It is now possible to pitch your blog post after you have all the data. Don’t forget that your guest blog post should benefit their audience and not your brand.