URL Redirect Service

    URL Redirect is a service offered by iWebz365.eu which allows users to utilize our domain website iwebz365.eu to redirect outgoing links. The use of our service is easy and free.

    SEO Advantage

    While this is a service created for internal use, other site owners can take advantage of this redirection of URLs to point to their site and earn the benefit of a brand new Europe specific backlink. Even if it is seen as a 301 redirect by search engines, it is still counted as a backlink and is indexed by Search Console as a backlink from iwebz365.eu

    This service is fast and totally free!

    How to Use

    Making use of the redirect link is as simple in the following steps:

    1. copy the following link: “http://iwebz365.eu/go/?site=http://www.mywebsite.com
    2. edit the “http://www.mywebsite.com” part with the link towards your website (it can be either your domain home page or a deep link; make sure to include the http or https as well)
    3. pPaste the link into an article on a blog or other websites. Let it sit for search engines to find it.